Doubleday’s Bill Thomas and “K” Author Tyler Kepner Capture the Craft of MLB’s Strikeout Artists

From New York Times baseball columnist Tyler Kepner, K: The History of Baseball in Ten Pitches, published by Doubleday, is an enthralling look at the national pastime as told through the craft of pitching. Kepner traces the colorful stories and fascinating folklore behind baseball’s ten major pitches. Each chapter highlights a different pitch, from the fastball, curve and slider, to the knuckleball, cutter and spitball. Each pitch has its own history, evolving through the decades as the masters pass it down to the next generation.

Kepner digs deep, unearthing valuable nuggets and priceless anecdotes from many of the best pitchers in baseball history, including twenty-two Hall of Famers – from Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton, and Nolan Ryan to Greg Maddux, Mariano Rivera, and Clayton Kershaw. “For decades as a catcher and broadcaster, I’ve been fascinated by the craft of pitching. Tyler Kepner brings the pitchers—and the pitches—alive as few others ever have, with a fresh and informative trip through the history of the great American game.” –Tim McCarver, Hall of Fame broadcaster and two-time All-Star and World Series champion. “There has been so much good writing on the subject of baseball that you sometimes wonder if there can be a fresh way to go about it. But Tyler Kepner turns the trick. Analytical and anecdotal, insightful and entertaining, K is a welcome addition to the baseball bookshelf.” –Bob Costas, Hall of Fame broadcaster and lifelong student of baseball.

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